Faculty of Physics
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Absorption characteristics of a Helmholtz resonator

A.I. Komkin M.A. Mironov

Memoirs of the Faculty of Physics 2014. N 6.

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The work is devoted to the study of absorption characteristics of the Helmholtz resonator in the channel. Discusses models of the Helmholtz resonator with and without taking into account the presence in the cavity resonator the wall boundary layer. The results of the calculations are compared with experimental data obtained when measuring the acoustic properties of the resonator in the impedance tube.

Received: 2014 November 15
Approved: 2014 December 22
43.50.Gf Noise control at source: redesign, application of absorptive materials and reactive elements, mufflers, noise silencers, noise barriers, and attenuators, etc.
A.I. Komkin M.A. Mironov
Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Moscow 105005, Russia.
Issue 6, 2014

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