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To the question of analysis equations for moving due to the rotating of the plane brahistohron.

S. O. Gladkov, S. B. Bogdanova

Memoirs of the Faculty of Physics 2017. N 2.

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An analytical conclusion of the dynamic equation for the ball moving on the rotating with the angle frequency two dimensional gutter arbitrary form is given. The both forces of the dry and viscosity friction was accounted. Due to solvation of equations system move analytically and numerical was founded of the class trajectories at neglect frictions forces.

Received: 2017 February 11
Approved: 2017 April 12
02.60.Cb Numerical simulation; solution of equations
S. O. Gladkov, S. B. Bogdanova
$^1$Moscow State Aviation University (MAI)\
$^2$г. Москва, Волоколамское ш., д.4
Issue 2, 2017

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