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Estimate of geometrical–phase corrections for transducers of ring antenna

V.A. Burov, D.I. Zotov, O.D. Rumyantseva

Memoirs of the Faculty of Physics 2016. N 5.

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Algorithm of estimating the geometrical and phase corrections for receiving–transmitting transducers of ring antenna array of ultrasound tomograph is discussed. These corrections should be taken into account during reconstruction of spatial distributions of sound velocity and absorption of an investigated object, in order to avoid a deterioration of tomogram quality.

43.38.+n Transduction; acoustical devices for the generation and reproduction of sound
43.35.+d Ultrasonics, quantum acoustics, and physical effects of sound
43.60.+d Acoustic signal processing
43.80.+p Bioacoustics
Rissian citation:
В.А. Буров, Д.И. Зотов, О.Д. Румянцева.
Оценка геометро–фазовых поправок для преобразователей кольцевой антенны.
Учен. зап. физ. фак-та Моск. ун-та. 2016. № 5. 165410.
V.A. Burov, D.I. Zotov, O.D. Rumyantseva
Department of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics Lomonosov Moscow State University. Moscow 119991, Russia
Issue 5, 2016

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