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Impedance spectroscopy method for studying of the peculiaritiesof the structure of metal/solution interface of a silver electrode

M. A. Choba, V. A. Safonov, Yu. K. Aleshin

Memoirs of the Faculty of Physics 2016. N 5.

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The kinetics of peroxodisulfate anions electroreduction on the mechanically updated silver electrode was investigated by the impedance method. It is established, that impedance diagrams of the negative charged area on the metal surface could be successfully replaced by equivalent circuit which consists from the solution resistance and reaction resistance in parallel connection with constant phase shift element replacing the capacity of double electrical layer. The experimental data analysis, carried out within the framework of represented equivalent circuit, let us conclude, that kinetics of anions S$_2$O$_8^{2−}$ reduction reaction on the researched electrode is adequately described in terms of the phenomenological theory of slow discharge.

68.90.+g Other topics in structure, and nonelectronic properties of surfaces and interfaces; thin films and low-dimensional structures
Rissian citation:
М.А. Чоба, В.А. Сафонов, Ю.К. Алешин.
Метод импедансной спектроскопии для изучения особенностей строения межфазных границ серебряного электрода.
Учен. зап. физ. фак-та Моск. ун-та. 2016. № 5. 165407.
M. A. Choba, V. A. Safonov, Yu. K. Aleshin
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Issue 5, 2016

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