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Control of light pulses in electromagnetically induced grating

V.G. Arkhipkin$^1$, S. A. Myslivets$^1$, P. S. Pankin$^2$

Memoirs of the Faculty of Physics 2016. N 5.

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Theoretically studied propagation of a weak light pulse in electromagnetically induced grating (EIG) in the presence of an additional control field in four-level atoms of N-type. It is shown that one can effectively control the reflection and transmission of EIG. All–optical switching of the reflected and transmitted pulse is demonstrated.

42.50.Gy Effects of atomic coherence on propagation, absorption, and amplification of light; electromagnetically induced transparency and absorption
42.65.Dr Stimulated Raman scattering; CARS
Rissian citation:
В. Г. Архипкин,  С.А. Мысливец, П.С. Панкин.
Управление световыми импульсами в электромагнитно индуцированной решетке.
Учен. зап. физ. фак-та Моск. ун-та. 2016. № 5. 165103.
V.G. Arkhipkin$^1$, S. A. Myslivets$^1$, P. S. Pankin$^2$
L.V. Kirensky Institute of Physics, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Issue 5, 2016

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