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Optical Tamm state at the interface between a photonic crystal and a strongly anisotropic nanocomposite with resonance dispersion

R.G. Bikbaev$^{1,2}$, S.Ya. Vetrov$^{1,2}$, I.V. Timofeev$^{1,2}$

Memoirs of the Faculty of Physics 2015. N 4.

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For nanocomposite and photonic crystal interface a complete theoretic study of optical Tamm state is presented. The nanocomposite consists of prolate metallic nanoparticles dispersed in a transparent matrix. It is characterized by resonant effective permittivity; whereas the optical properties of the initial materials have no resonant features. The nanocomposite anisotropy optimizes Tamm state localization and makes the photonic band gap wider.

42.70.Qs Photonic bandgap materials
R.G. Bikbaev$^{1,2}$, S.Ya. Vetrov$^{1,2}$, I.V. Timofeev$^{1,2}$
$^1$ Kirensky Institute of Physics, Akademgorodok 50, bld. 38, Krasnoyarsk, 660036 Russia.
$^2$ Siberian Federal University, 79 Svobodny pr., Krasnoyarsk, 660041 Russia.
Issue 4, 2015

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