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Influence of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation on propagation of solitary electromagnetic waves in graphene superlattice

S.V. Kryuchkov$^{1,2}$, E.I. Kukhar$^1$

Memoirs of the Faculty of Physics 2014. N 4.

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The quasienergy spectrum of graphene superlattice under high-frequency electromagnetic radiation was found. The d’Alembert equation was shown to take the form of double sine-Gordon equation under the certain conditions. The solutions corresponding to the solitary electromagnetic waves were derived. The shapes and areas of these waves depend on the amplitude of the high-frequency field.

72.20.Ht High-field and nonlinear effects
73.21.Cd Superlattices
73.50.Fq High-field and nonlinear effects
S.V. Kryuchkov$^{1,2}$, E.I. Kukhar$^1$
$^1$Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University, Physical Laboratory of Low-Dimensional Systems. Volgograd 400066, Russia.
$^2$Volgograd State Technical University. Volgograd 400005, Russia.
Issue 4, 2014

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