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Comparison of the results of the statistical and dispersive approaches in the study of the deep structure of the Earth by the example of the Hawaiian plume

R.A. Zhostkov$^1$, D. A. Presnov$^1$, A. S. Shuruп$^{1,2}$, A.L. Sobisevich$^1$

Memoirs of the Faculty of Physics 2016. N 5.

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Methods using data of surface waves are very effective for study of structure of the upper strata of the Earth, which is the most non-uniform. There are a number of such methods, originally developed for use on land, among which we should highlight microseismic sounding method (MSM) and ambient noise tomography (ANT). Unlike other methods of depth sounding MSM and ANT are easier to practical implementation, cheaper and could be performed with minimal restrictions on the environmental side of the experiment, because they don’t have harmful effects on the environment. However, these techniques were used mainly on land before. In this paper, a comparison of these two approaches based on experimental data from a network of bottom seismic stations located in the area of the Hawaiian Islands. The results of microseismic sounding derived according to the bottom stations, as well as a comparative analysis of those results with tomographic estimates of parameters of the medium obtained in the present work for the first time. These results indicate that the methods of Earth sounding based on an analysis of the characteristics of surface waves can lead to satisfactory results, not only when they are used on land, but even in marine conditions.

93.85.Rt Seismic methods
Rissian citation:
Р.А. Жостков,  Д.А. Преснов, А. С. Шуруп, А.Л. Собисевич.
Сравнение результатов статистического и дисперсионного подходов в изучении глубинного строения Земли на примере Гавайского плюма.
Учен. зап. физ. фак-та Моск. ун-та. 2016. № 5. 165406.
R.A. Zhostkov$^1$,  D. A. Presnov$^1$,  A. S. Shuruп$^{1,2}$, A.L. Sobisevich$^1$
$^1$The Shmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of Russian Academy of Sciences, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya str., 10-1, Moscow 123995, Russia
$^2$Department of acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Moscow 119991, Russia
Issue 5, 2016

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